Best TV Shows to Binge-watch

Have you ever watched so much of a show at one time that you started to have dreams about the characters? What about where you start to think about the characters as real people, like your friends? Have conversations with them? Hallucinate them? K just kidding on the last one but not really on the others. Sorry that television in this day in age is just too damn good for me to be a productive or even sane member of society.


One of the best things about marathoning Friends is that there are so many goddamn episodes. You could literally not eat sleep or move and watch back-to-back episodes of Friends for four days. Sure the landlines, scrunchies, and all white heterosexual cast might be a little dated, but the twenty-somethings not knowing what the fuck they’re doing with their lives are timeless. Jennifer Aniston in her denim-wearing prime? Courtney before Botox? Matthew Perry bursting at the seams with sarcasm? Yes, yes, and always yes.

Law and Order SVU

In the Criminal Justice System, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. That is why we choose to show them now for your viewing pleasure. Okay so fair warning, you might start feeling a little weird and uncomfortable with yourself after watching 20 or so stories about little kids getting raped by their parents/soccer coach/piano teacher/second cousin twice-removed. But will there ever be a more compelling detective combo than Olivia Benson and Eliot Stabler? I mean what an amazing duo to dry your victim eyes and then beat the shit out of the perp. Spoiler Alert: It was the vaguely creepy looking guy they interviewed at the beginning who works at the gas station near the crime scene and is also somehow secretly related to the victim.

Game of Thrones

Honestly binge-watching is really the only way to watch Game of Thrones and remember what the fuck is going on. Or who the fuck anyone is. If you still can’t tell the dudes apart it’s okay because they’ll probably die anyway so why waste the brainpower? Seriously though, Game of Thrones is a great show that seems like a narrow set of people would like it, yet everyone likes it. It’s great to watch with someone because it has such a wide appeal and because it’s so messed up that you’ll want to talk through your feelings with another person. Sort of like an acid trip. Fun fact, I watched every season of Game of Thrones with a different boyfriend! Except for the last one, which I watched with my parents. Equal parts sad and weird, do not recommend.

Desperate Housewives

A forgotten network gem that has a full eight seasons ripe for the binge watching! Yes, at the beginning of each season there will be a mysterious new neighbor on Wisteria lane, and yes every finale they will be revealed to be some sort of murdering psychopath, but the witty housewife banter in between is what makes this show worth watching. Also I will tune into anything that features Eva Longoria as a feisty Latina in Juicy sweat suits.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In my opinion, Always Sunny is the best and simultaneously most underrated show on television right now. For some reason it has this rap as a show for dumb high school boys who like fart jokes, but it is so much more than that. There’s nothing else like it, and it pulls off hilariously black humor while also remaining somehow relatable to the weirdness in all of us. As a binge-watch it’s great because it will make you feel like less of a degenerate in comparison to its cast. You know it’s a good show when you can’t pick a favorite character and I honestly can’t tell you whether I’d rather share a milk steak with Charlie or dance-blow in the wind with Dee.


I recently started binge watching Narcos with my roommate and am kind of pissed that she’s napping right now and I can’t watch it. I was wary about whether an uber violent drug lord show would be up my alley (if you hadn’t noticed a trend in the type of dumb shit I usually watch) and I had to quit Breaking Bad after season 3 because I just loathed all of the characters. But Narcos is a different entity entirely, and watching the rise and fall of the Columbian drug cartel is every bit as enticing as you would expect, if not a little more confusing. Like when I found myself feeling bad for Pablo Escobar and wished those mean ol’ cops would just let him mass murder in peace. Seriously though, what I would give to be a rich bitch in 80’s Miami snorting Columbian coke by the gram. (J/K Mom I don’t do drugs.)

One Tree Hill

This show has everything you want from an early 2000’s CW show: thirty year olds dressed as high schoolers, random musical guest stars (Pete Wentz anyone?) and tons of badass underage drinking at lake houses and other obvious locations. If you didn’t quote One Tree Hill in your AIM profile did you even have angst as a middle schooler? The only drama you really cared about was the Brooke-Peyton-Lucas love triangle, and watching it again now it’s just as devastating. Just be sure to stop watching after season 3 so you can pretend it ends the way we all wanted it to.

The Office

My life is pretty much an endless cycle of re-watching the Office. It’s a rare show that can give you so many laughs but also so many feels, and the office has that wonderful quality where it can be sad, funny, awkward, and heartwarming at the same time. I want to say that I don’t think any actor was ever made for a role more than Steve Carell as Michael Scott. But then I consider Dwight, Ryan, Jim, and pretty much every other character and I’m like eh no the whole thing was just perfectly cast. If you haven’t watched it all by now, I’m shocked but more jealous of the experience awaiting you.

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