Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Did you slack on your Halloween plans this year? Never fear, here at D&H we’ve come up with some great costumes that you can put together before Saturday that will be sure to impress.

The Cast of Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out”

This is a great ensemble costume to do with friends, although you’ll all be fighting over who can be Phylis from The Office’s character. This one requires some commitment; I’m thinking face paint, colored hair spray, uppers for Joy and downers for Sadness.


Kylie Jenner

Dye your hair a stupid color and leave your roots looking like shit. Have a creepy older dude with a sweaty moustache lick your face and wear more makeup than you ever thought possible – don’t forget the fake eyelashes and, obviously, DA LIPS. Your SnapChat Mystory must be at least 100 seconds by the end of the night, complete with tons of videos of you lip-syncing along to current hip hop hits and suggestively touching your lips a lot.


Kanye on the Presidential Campaign Trail

Wear leather pants, sunglasses, and a Kanye 2020 pin, and yell “Listen to the kids, bro!” a lot. My official suggestion is that you stay in character all night and be super aggressive to your friends.


Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb

This is a great costume for your best friend who loves wine at 10am as much as you do. Whoever plays Kathy Lee has to look for any excuse to perform a song and rip bottles of Chardonnay while trying to make Hoda as uncomfortable as possible.


The Cast of Wet Hot American Summer

Can’t imagine a better ensemble costume. Send me a picture if you have enough friends to pull this one off.


Kim Davis

Only for the most dedicated of trolls. You have to look like shit and act even worse. Pretty sure this is what my dad is being for Halloween, so you’ll have to do better than him.


Cookie and Lucious Lyon

To be Cookie, wear the dopest fur you can find and a bodycon leopard dress. Give people a lot of attitude and call bitches you hate “booboo kitty.” To be Lucious, suck *really* bad at rapping and wear an orange jumpsuit. Don’t refer to your friends as “negros” like Lucious does unless you’re really confident that you can get away with it, though.


Tracy Flick

A good way to tell which of your friends is awesome is to wear this costume and see who gets it. A “Pick Flick” button and a quality sweater vest will do the job. Bonus points if you make cupcakes!


Jimmy Fallon

This is a great costume if you want to wow your friends with your effortless hilarity. Wear a suit and tape up two of your fingers. Done.


Rachel Dolezal

Well, this should be an easy one since Ms. Dolezal herself essentially wears a costume every day. You know what to do – crimp that hair, spray tan that face, act REAL confoozed when someone asks you anything personal.


Ariana Grande

Easy – Wear a dumb hairstyle, pop on some cat ears for no reason, and lick a couple doughnuts.


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