An Open Letter to Olivia Pope – Get Your Shit Together

Dear Olivia,

For the past few years, I have been a proud fan of you and your friends. Every Thursday night, I eagerly tune in to see what and who you’ll be doing – and while I don’t always approve of the activities (you have to admit, you and your friends do some pretty fucked up stuff) – I’ve always secretly envied you. I have to admit, part of it is that I want your wardrobe, but of course, who wouldn’t want two steamy men fighting over them while they lead a strong career and manage to stay stick thin while surviving off burgers, red wine and popcorn?


I’ve always been a fan. That is, until recently. Now I’m bored. Bored and frustrated. This gladiator woman who was always handling everything now can’t even handle herself. Yes, you’ve had a rough life. You have Mommy and Daddy issues, and were also kidnapped and tortured, and yes, you get to be messed up from that.

But those aren’t the traumas we’re dealing with now. Now, it’s men. You’ve now turned into yet another cliche female TV character who lives her life either infatuated with a boyfriend or moping over the loss of one. Or in your case, two.

You’ve lost all sense of self-control, and are just consumed by the men in your life. You finally got what you wanted – Fitz, the White House and Mellie gone. But then you felt “second best” and moped because you had to deal with the stereotypical role of the First Lady. You moved into the White House and dated the President….what were you expecting? That you’d suddenly be Queen?

So you moved out. And immediately went back to Jake, because you have the inability to find someone else, let alone be single. After a particularly hot sex scene, you told Jake “This isn’t happening again,” only for him to respond “Yes it is” after he walks out. You looked shocked and felt used. Maybe if you actually took some time for yourself and didn’t constantly hook up with your exes, you wouldn’t be so surprised. Another night, Jake showed up in the middle of the night (while dating another woman) and only after a few minutes of groping and moaning did you finally attempt to kick him out.

At the beginning of the season, you stood up to Fitz and said these strong words:


I wish I could believe you, but your actions prove otherwise.

So now, the new developments in your life are having sex with Jake while simultaneously stalking him and his new girlfriend. Good. Healthy.

Isn’t this whole stalking thing what disgusted you about Jake and your father for so long? Have you really stooped so low? You even had Quinn and Charlie break into his new girlfriend’s apartment and bug it. SERIOUSLY??? Everything you’ve held against him is now null. You can no longer complain about the crazy men in your life because you’re officially on their level. When Jake confronted you, all you could do was scream “I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU CHOSE HER”. Okay, calm down. Not everything is about you.

Jake throws a “You’re just another textbook example of Daddy issues” at you and all I can say is #preach. Need I remind you of this?


Now, let’s turn to the way you treat other women in between those pesky men. You’ve decided to help Mellie, and after a little too much Cabernet, Mellie goes off on you, telling you that she and Fitz went through everything in life together (elections, death of a child, being raped by her father-in-law, suicide attempt, etc) while all you had was a fantasy of jam and a house in Vermont. She called you out for being the other woman who destroyed her life, which was already filled with personal sacrifices. Mellie called you out, only for you to scream at her that she’d gone too far. Again, I say…seriously? While I’m not one for women putting each other down, everything she said was valid and yet again, you’re being so selfish and boy-crazy that you can’t take a minute to think that maybe you really fucked up this woman’s life. Mellie is the strongest female character on the show – even after all that she’s gone through, she’s stronger than ever and running for President, while all you can do is stalk your ex.

635939905160786419-358621531_I'm celebrating.gif

In your last scene with Fitz, you confronted him about sleeping around with random women in the White House. Valid. But maybe instead of controlling others and trying to point out their weaknesses, it’s probably time for some self-reflection. You’ve been bouncing around between two men that you can’t get over. Maybe move on. Maybe try being single for once. Maybe turn to your female friends, who have been there for you no matter which man you were with.

In this confrontation, you asked Fitz if this is the type of person he really wants to be. Now, I ask you the same question. I’ve watched you turn from a strong, independent, badass woman into an emotional trainwreck with Daddy issues who can’t get over your exes. The woman who made me enjoy Thursday nights frustrates me because you’ve turned into an antiquated story of a woman who can’t focus on herself or on her career because of her obsession with men. How unique.

But there’s one last hope I have: your abortion. Before the winter break, right after breaking up with Fitz, you got an abortion without telling anyone. This is your chance to be a role model. This could be your redemption – @Shonda, do something with this storyline. Be different. Stand out.

Because honestly, I am sick and tired of you moping and whining. Put back on that white hat, and prove to young women like me that we can have strong sense of selves, strong female friends, and should never depend on men (as steamy as Jake and Fitz are) to make us happy.


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